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Dhaka: Outgoers in the capital has been blessed with another fun activity apparently a day-out at huge food courts away from all the bustling of the city. Already, there are three grand food courts at 300 feet road near Purbachal, where city people looking for a retreat can go for a fun-filled gastronomic day. And Flavours on Fire is the latest entry in the list.
The new two-storeyed food court, opened in January 22, is adorned with grand features - giant coconut trees and canals filled with fishes - that give off fun tropical vibes like Singapore's Changi. In the middle, stands a stage where talented musicians perform at least on every weekend. All in all, the place is picture perfect for families, couples or friends alike. 
But no day can be fun without having a gastronomic journey to remember. And this is why food courts have become so popular in the city. They give plenty of options to choose from. And Flavours on Fire excels with the best restaurant outlets out there. 
Entering the food court, you'll be mesmerised with the varieties of F&B outlets all around. 
"Our vision was to offer multicuisine. You will not find more than two outlets selling the same cuisine or type of food. This offers guests to find anything they might crave under one roof," said the famous musician Hyder Husyn, who is also the proprietor of Flavours on Fire.   
You have Mezzan for Mezbani dishes, Burgwich Fusion Town Café for burgers and sandwiches, Jalapeno for Mexican food, Thai Central for Thai food, Darbar for biryanis and kebabs, Beijing Lu for Chinese, Peri's for Italian, On the Plate for multicuisine, Azuki for sashimi and teriyaki, Helvetia for fast food, Afghan Grill for grilled items, Punjab Kitchen for Indian, coffee shops, desert outlets, beverage stalls and many more. 
You can see Flavours on Fire has big players, some even foreign ones, offering mouth-watering varieties of dishes to the guests. Crowd favourite Manhattan Fish Market also serves its signature dishes and exquisite services with a big outlet on the second floor at the food court. 
In terms of being first-of-its-kind, the food court will soon feature QR code-based menus, said the proprietor. It will also provide interexchange data cards with which guests will make payments. 
The food court has a capacity of 400 people. Also, there will be a separate kids zone on the second floor, mentioned Husyn, adding, "I visioned it to be a place where families can come and enjoy for an entire day. They can one by one taste all the delectable food. The kids can run around and play. People can tune in to the music."
A separate hall for private parties is also underway on the second floor, said Husyn.

Now, the price range of the items is also quite reasonable making the place perfect for outings. 
Husyn, with the Managing Director Shamsher Hossain Tipu, together launched this project not for commercial purposes, said the famous singer. "Rather, this is a service that they owe. I am simply trying to give back to the community." 
It is true how these new additions of activities in the city are changing the lifestyles of the residents. Large crowds are buzzing in such food courts in the city. Or could it be that such demand brought these facilities out in the first place? Nevertheless, people are glad to have a reasonable yet superb fun way for a day out in the city now. 

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