Read over a cup of coffee at Nerdy Bean

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Have: you ever thought of enjoying a cup of delicious coffee while cozying up on a couch and reading your favourite book in a European vintage environment? I'm sure you have. Therefore, there is a perfect place for you and it is Nerdy Bean Coffee Haus. It's a new and one of a kind coffee shop in Dhanmondi with a tummy pleasing menu of coffee - desserts - sandwiches and a great library, all in a European vintage ambient and decor.

Their amazing menu has all sorts of warmers, frozen drinks, desserts, not to forget, sandwiches. For warmers, they have espresso, con panna, macchiato, americano, cafe latte, caramel latte, hazelnut latte, vanilla latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, hazelnut mocha, caramel mocha, chai latte and hot chocolate. All of them are perfectly brewed to the point. They have two sizes - tall and grande. The price of hot drinks ranges from Tk 115 to Tk 270 in case of tall and Tk 135 to Tk 350 for grande. So, it is obvious that items here have more reasonable prices than any other place.

Over ice and ice blended are their two types frozen drinks. For the first one, they have iced mocha, iced cappuccino, iced latte, iced americano and italian soda. The talls range from Tk 165 to Tk 290 and the grandes range from Tk 220 to Tk 350. On the other hand, in the ice blended section, they have vanilla chiller, hazelnut mocha, hazelnut latte and caramel nut. The tall ones range from Tk 260 to Tk 320 and the grandes range from Tk 320 to Tk 400.

Besides these, they have a bunch of wonderful shakes and smoothies.

The menu doesn't end here. They have mouthwatering cupcakes, brownies and other desserts. With every chew, you can taste the otherworldly sensation that every dessert lover ever wish for. They have blueberry crumble, red velvet slice, blueberry cheesecake, brownie fudge, red velvet cupcake, red velvet cheese brownie, chocolate mousse, cheese delight etc. They are very reasonable in price, roughly ranging from Tk 150 to Tk 300.

The eye-pleasing exceptional interior has been done by none other than Bapon Rahman and Shaon Shakir. Bapon Rahman expresses the theme he went for, saying, "We wanted to go for a totally British vintage theme. Therefore, it has dim lighting and wooden floor adding to the European vibe; couches, wheelchairs, antique plates, wall clocks, wall hangings, plantations etc., all creating a perfect British vintage ambient bringing coffee and books into it."

There are also beautiful chandelier and fireplace that add to the beauty of it. Even the bookshelves have a European vintage appeal. The whole thing is artistically set up to make one feel like they are in an old home of British era.

Faria Mahjabin and Masru Hasan Kamol are the owners of this restaurant. Jointly sharing their view on opening such a restaurant, Faria says, "We both love coffee and books compliment coffee. That's why we wished to open such a coffee shop that will also have a library along with such a cozy environment where we ourselves would like to go."

Complimenting that, Masru said they both desires to take this to greater heights, saying, "We have big plans. We have intentions of opening other branches in Banani and Uttara, eventually, to become coffee roaster."

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