Iftar Fiesta at Le Meridien

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Dhaka : Le Méridien Dhaka, offers Iftar and Dinner buffet with live food stations for the entire month of Ramadan, a myriad of healthy and delicious items will be served at three restaurants Latest Recipe signature, Olea and Latitude 23.

At the Latest Recipe restaurant, there will be buffet dinner and Iftar from the time of Maghrib prayer till near midnight. This is priced BDT 4,100 (per person). And for the Seheri, there will be 'Buffet Sohur' after midnight till the Fazr prayer at BDT 1,950 (per person).

At the Olea restaurant, there will be Buffet Dinner and Iftar priced BDT 3,900 (per person) from the time of Maghrib prayer. Exquisite Arabic cuisine will be prepared by Chef Munir. At the Banquet restaurant of Le Méridien, there will be a package meal offer which starts from BDT 2,200 (per person) and it will run from the time of Maghrib prayer till 11:30 pm.

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