Sonargaon's signature Halim and Zilapy

- Farhana Naznin 01 Jun, 2018 | 663 Views | - +
Dhaka : Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka is famous for its sumptuous Iftar, specially for the halim and zilapy, which surely gives you a heavenly taste.

Over the years, these two items of the five-star hotel, have gained a popularity not only in the country but also abroad.

Such is the popularity of their zilapy and halim is that famous personalities from different countries come here to have a taste of those items every Ramdan.

Thailand's Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has recently tried out the item after coming to know the popularity those items. She also had Iftar here and showered praise on every item.

One can enjoy a lavish feast with friends and family as the hotel's professional culinary team prepares a traditional Ramadan Iftar buffet daily at its popular Café Bazar restaurant.

The Ramadan buffet features some unique traditional Arabic dishes, live cooking station and refreshing Ramadan drinks.

With a selection of several menus to choose from, guests can rest be assured that they will find something to suit their palate.

All menus feature a selection of traditional hot and cold Arabic mezzeh, to deep fried kibbeh and spinach fatayer and patties.

Main dishes on offer include a variety of succulent meat dishes, including shish taouk, lamb shank with oriental rice.

The menus also come with delightful culmination of mouthwatering desserts, bringing a healthy and nourishing end to your Iftar.

Le D' Silva, Manager, Food and Beverage said, "We are extremely happy to present our special promotion during Ramadan."

"We take this opportunity to invite one and all to our hotel to enjoy the flavourful feast that we have prepared for our guests."

"We always try to maintain the heritage and culture of the hotel," said Le D' Silva.

Since Songargaon's halim and zilapy are famous, they take special care of preparing it so that they could maintain the standard.

Le D' Silva described the cooking process of the hotel's famous halim.

"We maintain fresh and hygienic, standard quality product as ingredient. All the ingredients are fresh and mixed in proper quantity."

"Meats are equally boiled, for same quantity in all bowls. We also ensure quality control. Standard procedures are maintained. We collect meat from Bengal Meat. The quality of the meat is checked before cooking. If the controller finds any problems in the meat, they have the power to reject it. We maintain quality at every step."

For the process of making zilapy, he said, "It is firstly fried by ghee. Guests can see the cooking procedure directly. We didn't use any old or used ingredients. We cook it sufficiently."

There is the facility of take away of the Iftar items including halim and zilapy. So, the huge demand this year they are selling the items from both Café Bazaar and the Lobby. Nearly 200 gram zilapy and 20 bowls halim is sold everyday.

We have two take aways to sell of halim. There are bowls of two sizes - big and small. Big bowl of halim costs BDT 2,600 and small BDT 1,400. Zilapy is BDT 1,600 per kg and BDT 850, half kg.

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