Chef's Table : Dhaka's Trendy Food Court

- Asma Ali 16 Aug, 2018 | 1462 Views | - +
Dhaka : being a growing metropolis, is crowded with big malls and shopping centers. Almost all the neighborhoods have malls, big or small. Coupled with many different kinds of shops and stores, these malls are equipped with food stalls too. Maybe the local specialties like fuchka, chotpoti or maybe pakoras and fries or maybe some local version of noodles and chicken fries and soups, but food stalls are definitely there at any mall of the capital.

There are food courts too, in the real sense, in some of the big shopping malls of the city. These food courts are usually a big cluster of food outlets, serving different kinds of local and non local favorites, including hot and cold beverages, desserts and foods from parts of the world.

Chef's Table is the latest addition in this regard. It is the food court at Unimart Shopping Mall at road 90, Gulshan 2. This opened on 12th July 2018. The food court has 22 food outlets right now. The variety of the stalls is unique in their own terms of taste, variety and flavor. There are local specialties like tehari, kebabs, etc. for the health conscious food lovers; there is an outlet that serves salads only. For the diet conscious people, Lean Nation will be opening soon with its array of calorie measured yet tasty food. Those who love continental cuisine; there are steaks, fries and many more. Thai foods, pastas, burgers, fast foods and quite different varieties of food are available. For a taste of Bengali cuisine of Kolkata, The Bhoj Company will be opening soon. Delicious ice creams served by Club Gelato, Emerald Bakery with its cute and cozy seating, done with wooden panels are there with their confectionary fares.

A kids' play area named Play Town is there to entertain the kids. This adds a lot more attraction to the already popular Chef's Table. The place has a beautifully designed prayer area too. The place is open from 8am to 11 pm. The entire place, which has a U-shaped layout, can accommodate around 600 guests. Few more food stalls, with different tastes and varieties are supposed to open soon.

Chef's Table, is the current favorite among the food lovers. This is mainly due to the smart and stylish décor, variety of foods and of course the innovativeness of the whole concept. It has food, rich in flavor and taste from different corners of the world. To have so many different varieties under one roof, set amidst a stylish décor is indeed a wonderful treat. Dhaka has quite a few food courts, but this one is different in quite a few ways. To find out and see the difference and to taste the different corners of the world- one has to visit Chef's Table now! It is a multi-visit state, where trend meets taste.

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