Eat Station out to be your favourite eatery

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Dhaka : There is an old saying that life is like a journey on a train from one station to another.

Eat Station is not that platform where we must leave, but if someone enters here, s/he will definitely be itching to come here again.

Eat Station actually is not the platform of any train station. It is a restaurant which offers you mouthwatering food in unique and cheap way, thereby making you come here, again and again.

Located at House No 100/1, Road No 11/A, Satmasjid Road in the city, it is the newest cafe in town_ opened on just September 15.

It is a partnership restaurant, partnered by Morshed Alam and Farzana Emon, and was inaugurated by celebrity chef Jed Archdeacon on the day.

Farzana Emon, one of the partners of the restaurant explained the reason of naming the restaurant Eat Station.

"I tried to organise the cafe and menu in a simple way, so that the customers can easily blend in with the price and environment."

"Customer satisfaction lies on food's quality, neat kitchen and nice environment - Eat Station has it all. Customer can come again and again," Farzana Emon said.

Yes, they want to make it a true Eat Station for all.

"In life, having your dreams come true is awe-inspiring. My dream started in my Institute lab kitchen dishing up scrumptious, future Culinary Chef's practical cooking classes. For the past two years, I have been blessed to bring you the Eat Station and its team," Farzana Emon, also the Operation Director of Eat Station said.

The interior design is such that it will give you the impression of a train station. Farzana, who herself made the interior design of the restaurant uses only two colours, emphasizing on white colour as the lighting of the train station worldwide is white.

"When you walk into the restaurant, we want you to feel like you are in Chef's Journey Asia to America through Europe by the world culinary Chef's photo gallery. The food is international standard cuisine with personal touch," she said.

As you enter into the restaurant, you will be welcomed with pineapple blossom drinks which will make you cool and refresh.

"The flavour profile this culinary vessel brings to Bistro items is so spectacular; we just couldn't let our other foodies get jealous. So we started to experiment and found that our specials have been such a hit, we wanted to make them a more permanent fixture," she stated.

"We hope you will try our Jalapeno and Jack Burger, or perhaps our Tropical Chicken Sandwich. Our oven-baked Rosemary Chicken, seasoned to perfection and all of these dishes finished in our one of a kind oven."

"Our chefs will be crafting fresh-made specialty pastas and salads for your enjoyment. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal with friends and family."

All the dishes are unique in Eat Station but among the dishes of Eat Station_ beef goulash, lime prawn, pasta salad, steak bistro classic, Moroccan lamb, rosemary chicken and special kebab are pleasing everyone.

Besides the restaurant has plenty food to offer for the food lovers. One is Bistro, a Mexican word which means lucrative food/ dishes in reasonable price. Menu Bistro Express like_ Poutine Bistro Classic, Chili Chicken Poutine, Nachos Express Classic, Nachos Chili Chicken, Tropical Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Express Club Sandwich, Jalapeno & Jack Burger, Burger Bistro Deluxe, Pizza Classic Margarita, Pizza Chicken Arrostito, Pizza Jackie Honey, Spaghetti Meat Sauce and White Creamy Pasta.

They have other types of food like Menu Express carte like_ Lime Prawn, Poutine Chilli Chicken, Spicy Chicken Satay, Hungarian Beef Goulash, Thai-Coconut-Curry-Carrot-Soup, Tropical Pasta Salad, Kebab Salad, Roasted Baby Chicken, Baked Beef Lasagna, Steak Bistro Classic, Brownie Ice Cream, Blender-Crepes-with-Greek-Yogurt-Lemon, French Crepes, Fresh Juice,Virgin and Strawberry Smoothie.

'Happy Hour'

They offer “Happy Hour” for the students at lunch time from 12pm to 3 pm, a time when they have some set menu with Tk 250 only. And every day they change this menu for a new experience with a minimum price range.

"We've called ourselves an express restaurant with the Euro-American flair - and we of course have been the Asian flair. Now, we are settling into our own, creating new from scratch dishes with a personal touch," she added.

They have 35-seat arrangement but if you want to small get together programme they can arrange 45 seats. They have eight staffs_ five in kitchen and other for service.

Visa card and Mastercard facilities are available to pay the price.

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