Amari's sweet delights in new flavours

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Dhaka: The bakery at Amari Dhaka Hotel is known to produce the finest breads and confectionaries in capital Dhaka.

The delights at the Cascade Lobby Lounge, it represents baked items made using traditional techniques and recipes. Offerings include a wide range of items starting from smaller croissants to outlandish corporate and promotional cakes.

Although there is an enormous selection of cakes available, the jewel in The Bakery's crown is the Callea but Opera cake, or the Opera Cake as it's famously called. It is a definitive French recipe which used a Layered Callebaut Ganache and Fine Almond Joconde which gives it a rich creamy flavour.

Similarly, another iconic creation is the Red Velvet cake which is made from the selected layered white chocolate and red crumble, its taste does justice to its name - just as smooth as velvet.

The cake essentially melts in mouth with its cream cheese dollops delivering a punch of flavours that complements the white chocolates. Candied butterfly and pea flowers are used as adornments.

The Bakery can also deliver any cake of any design and flavour as per client's requirement.

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