Shakawath Hossain, Acting General Manager, The Westin Dhaka, says

The Westin Dhaka will continue to be the hotel of choice

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Dhaka : The Westin Dhaka, an upscale brand of Marriott International, has been the most popular choice for rooms, restaurants and banquet events among the clients over the last 10 years, and continues to be so despite the competition.

“We proudly catered top multinationals, embassies, diplomatic missions, high commissions, businessmen and repeat guests over the years,” said Shakawath Hossain, acting General Manager, The Westin Dhaka.

“We are proud to have catered for Bangladesh Navy in the port city Chittagong where our Honourable President was the chief guest. All the ingredients went from Dhaka. We have the logistics including refrigerated vehicles. No other hotel uses high-quality ingredients like the Westin,” he added.

They have also catered at other places of the country in big and important events, including Sena Malancha in the city.

Best in class

Shakawath Hossain said, “Our Food & Beverage service is unique and best in class. Westin is a lifestyle brand and we've always engaged in innovation.”

Even though their ballroom space is limited, they see opportunities in improving our service, our food and overall ambience.

He claimed, “Our benchmark is aligned with the international standards and we are always focused on performing our best to go beyond the benchmark.”

Shakawath Hossain said, “We have a loyal customer base whose feedbacks are given priority while making any improvements in our services. All these make us a unique and successful brand in our business.

Other Marriott brands

As to where it stands, he said, “Westin is one of the most vibrant brands of Marriott. This brands fits perfectly itself into the need of the guests. Personally, I love Westin the most because of its brand promise.”


Westin promises on wellness of the people it serves. Apart from wellness, it has many brand programmes like RunWestin. The guests can run with the unswerving assistance of our concierge associates.

Under the GearLending programme the guests can borrow workout gears. This makes the guests' travel more comfortable as they do not have to carry their gears while travelling.

This brand doesn't only focus on the wellness of the customers it serves it focuses on the Associates' wellness also. All these make this brand stand out among all the other luxury hotels.


Regarding competition, he said, “The hospitality industry is growing in our country. We along with the others are trying to shape the hospitality scenario. In the last few years many investors from home and abroad have invested here and all these are adding to the booming industry.”

Stay focused

The Acting General Manager said, “I invested seven years of my life in Associate level jobs. I consider it to be an investment because the thirst to thrive was ignited during this period. I tried to give my best to what I did in all those years and was able to be in the good book of my management due to my passion and dedication towards my job.”

He mentioned, “We need youths to join this sector in large numbers as many properties will be opening their doors soon. My advice to the young generation would be to be humble, lead by example, maintain integrity and embrace change.”

“With all these virtues our young generation can leave a significant mark in the hospitality industry. One day s/he may be cleaning the toilet or public areas and after a few years of hard work s/he can be in a position like me,” was Shakawath Hossain's message to the newcomers of the industry.

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