Edith : For high teas and perfect pastries

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Dhaka being a metropolitan city has its own share of restaurants and cafes, takeaways, home deliveries, banquets and buffets. But what Dhaka did not have till now is a patisserie, complete with a variety of cakes, pastries and macaroons and dozens of blends of teas!

Edith is the new place in town, which opened only in September 2018. This is a place, which specialises in baked desserts and confectionery items, coupled with salads and sandwiches, crepes and cakes. Edith's menu is a treat for the sight too. The options are too many to choose from and too tempting to resist.

Cakes come in a wide range of soft, moist textures with fancy flavours. Since the place has sort of a European flavour smeared all around, the cakes are named accordingly, like Belgrade, Zurich, Paris, Kiev, Vienna, to name a few. There are also others like Lady in Red, Oreo Cheese Cake etc.

Viennoisserie is basically a light flaky, buttery pastry with delicious toppings and fillings. So there are quite a few fruit and nut-based treats like Pistachio Danish, Orange Brioche, Almond Croissant, Raspberry Danish and a lot more.

Petit Gateau, which roughly means mini cakes, has unusual entrees like Pripyat, Punch Torte, Almond Danube, Peanut Danube, along with the regular madeiras and teacakes. Profiteroles, Eclairs, Religieuses are the stellar components, which fill up the choux pastry segment of the menu. These come in a number of preparations like vanilla, caramel, chocolates, etc.

Mousse and Pies are overly popular among the local food lovers. So there are Apple Pie, Banoffee Pie, Pecan Pie and different types of mousses. To add a taste of savoury to the menu, Edith has soups, pastas and salads. These are the usual Mushroom and French Onion Soup, which can be coupled with Caesar or Balsamic Salad. Gnocchi, Papardelle and Fetuccine are the pasta dishes to choose from. There are Truffle Fries, for which Edith can be termed as the pioneer.

The drinks menu is all ladled with shakes, coffees and iced coffees-in different preparations.

Last but not the least is Edith's High Tea. This is a typical British element, which is synonymous to a fancy tea time, filled with a spread of cakes and pastries and served in the utmost formal way. There are tiered dishes, where each tier is filled with a variety of confectionery items, while the tea is served in fine china, and the leaves are steeped for a couple of minutes. The High Tea pastries are also served in a more formal setting- on a bird cage tier, donned up with orchid strings. This itself is such a soothing sight that one gets instantly refreshed just by taking a glance at it.

The High Tea is served with canapés and sandwiches, profiteroles and danubes and of course macaroons- their signature item. Edith, as the name suggests is effeminate in the truest sense. Feminine colours like pink, magenta and red, the setting of the place, the crockery, the wall decors- all are donned up in vintage beauty. As one steps into the place, it seems time stands still and all one has to do is to relish and enjoy.

Edith is located on Road 11, Banani. It is open from 10 am till midnight. The place is always set in different themes, on the occasions like New Year, Christmas, etc. The next event is Valentine's Day for which Edith is getting ready to treat the food lovers in their own special way. Even as one enters or has a glance of the place, while passing by, Edith simply beckons to stop by and step into a world of perfect pastries cushioned in vintage beauty.

_Asma Ali

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