Cheez promises to be ultimate place for cheese lovers

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Since 8 months now, a pizza joint is turning everyone's head for serving mouth-watering cheesy pizzas in town. This new player in the culinary industry is none other than Cheez.

Now, the first reason that Cheez is trending for is their tummy-pleasing pizzas. There are two kinds of pizzas the restaurant serves - Classic and Gourmet. Classic pizzas are the basic ones available everywhere. For instance, Pepperoni, Alfredo or Seafood pizza. On the other hand, gourmet pizzas are their chef's specials. They tend to get very innovative in terms of the gourmet pizzas' taste and everything else.

The flavours of gourmet pizzas are also very unique. For example, the Thai Pie entirely consists of Thai flavours. There are minced basil chicken and shrimp on it. The 12 inch is priced at BDT849 and 16 at BDT1199.

Other gourmet pizzas like Spicy Shorisha shrimp pizza and Kala Bhuna are similarly creatively designed to cater to significant target groups. Both of these are priced at BDT849 for the 12 inch and BDT1199 for the 16 inch.

Among the gourmet ones, The 4 Cheez is one of their best sellers. It has 4 kinds of cheese - Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar and Feta. It comes with crispy beef bacon bits. The 12 inch is priced at BDT799 and 16 at BDT1099.

Then, there is the newest addition SMG which is another hot seller. It combines three fan favourite pizzas together - Alfredo, Pepperoni and Bacon. It also has three kinds of cheese, except for the feta only. The SMG is priced at BDT899 and BDT1249 for 12 and 16 inch respectively.

Among the classics, there is Chicken Alfredo consisting creamy white sauce, priced at BDT699 for 12 inch and BDT999 for 16 inch. Another popular pizza is the classic pepperoni pizza The Pepperonia, priced at BDT649 for 12 inch and BDT899 for 16 inch.

Cheez brings another interesting take on the culinary arts of pizza. There is an option called "half and half". It is becoming increasingly popular. Basically, a customer can order a custom made pizza having two different flavours.

For example, if one orders The 4 Cheez and The Pepperonia for "half and half", then one half of the 12 or 16 inch pizza will be the The 4 Cheez and the other half will be The Pepperonia. However, in this case, the customer has to pay the cost of the higher priced pizza only.

Cheez also offers two dips - spicy onion for the spicy tongues and the garlic ginger for those who are into garlic mayonnaise. The dips delicately cater to the tastebuds enhancing the gastronomic delight of enjoying the delectable pizzas.

All the cheese is imported from Italy and Netherlands. They have named the restaurant Cheez because it does not intend to be a pizza place only. They are soon going to launch other items such as cheese nachos, pastas, cheese sandwiches, cheesecakes or anything revolving around cheese, staying true to their tagline "For the love of cheese".

The best way to describe Cheez would be calling it a community. The entire place - the dim soothing lights, warm colours, splendid arts, delicious food, top-notch service and alluring music - speaks of wholesomeness.

Cheez as a brand promotes local art a lot. Local artists adorned the walls with beautiful murals perfect to compliment the photos the customers take in front of them.

Cheez is a sister concern of another popular restaurant Madchef, famous for burgers. It has three flagship outlets at Banani, Uttara and Dhanmondi, which was launched recently.

The Banani outlet of Cheez can accommodate 100 people and is great for a fun time either with friends or family.

Besides the flagship outlets, there is Cheez Express for food courts. Customers can buy pizza by the slice from the Cheez Express stall. Each slice for the classic pizzas is priced at BDT130 and gourmet pizzas at BDT170. Also, at the stalls, only 16 inch slices are available.

Cheez Express also has a few different items which are bestsellers for food courts. There is only one Cheez express right now at Tejgaon but soon another one is going to open at Bashundhara.

Lastly, Cheez is not letting anyone slip by. Even if someone gets a little midnight craving, Cheez is there to provide home delivery services late night till 4 am.

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