Tejinder Sidhu, SVP, Business Development and Operations says

Compass Hospitality sees management opportunities in Bangladesh

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Bangkok : Compass Hospitality has been approached by hotel owners from Dhaka as well as Chattogram to manage their hotels. "We had discussions with them, but nothing has been materialised as yet. We want to be sure we can add value to the hotel. It is important that our clients find value when they stay with us."

Tejinder Sidhu, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Operations, Compass Hospitality said this to The Bangladesh Monitor while talking about the Bangladesh market.

He said, "We are transparent with the owners to give them the feedback that it is not the right time or it is not the right product. But we are always open to opportunities in Bangladesh."

He said, he feels for the country since he has personally stayed here, he still has friends in Bangladesh. Hotels are coming up in Dhaka. He thinks the opportunity (managing hotels) is there.

Compass Hospitality manages over 45 hotels in Thailand, Malaysia, and UK, owning some of them.

The SVP said in Thailand, Compass Hospitality has about 28 hotels and their locations are in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya and they are looking at Koh Samui as well.

Tejinder Sidhu said, "most of our Bangladeshi properties are familiar to Bangladeshis as most of our hotels have been conveniently located, say like Soi 11, Soi 13 and near Bumrungrad Hospital and public transportation facilities." Most of hotels are in the four-star range which appeals to them.

He has been with the hotel since 2000 and managing the Bangladeshi market for close to 19 years. So he is very familiar with the Bangladeshi market, what they like, what they do not like. Whenever there is an opportunity to development business he is always there (in Bangladesh).

Compass Hospitality is registered in Hong Kong with head office in Thailand and regional offices in Kuala Lumpur and Manchester in UK.

Tejinder Sidhu said one of the advantages to Bangladeshis of Compass properties is the location. That really matters a lot in the market. "When the guests come to Soi 11, the first hotel they would find is ours. Another is 150 metres from train station while still another hotel is near Bumrungrad Hospital." So the hotel's USP is the location. The second is that they have hospitality properties Bangladeshi tourists like.

We know the market. Many of the Bangladeshis like to stay in big rooms or suites. The hotel has tied up with an outside company who would not only serve Halal meals but also breakfast Bangladeshis like.

Tejinder Sidhu said Compass Hospitality properties' price range is from USD175 to USD35, catering to all types of market. They sell four-star hotel rooms on the Internet for USD75 approximately, he said.

The SVP said Compass Hospitality is working in the Bangladesh market through local DMCs. “They distribute our rates and inventory to the market in Dhaka.”

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