The Chocolate Room's Sweet Debut

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Global cuisine is mainly about entrées, main courses and desserts (to round off a meal). In different corners of the world, cuisines vary according to availability and abundance of ingredients. But all said and done, desserts are a common global element of a feast - wherever that is and whenever that is!

So it is no wonder that there is The Chocolate Room! This Australian chain was founded in Geelong, Victoria, Australia way back in 2006. The main idea was to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere for people to step in and enjoy delicious coffee and exquisite handmade chocolates. Later the menu has been expanded to add more varieties, both sweet and savoury - ranging from main meals to bits and bites of a variety of fares.

The Chocolate Room is currently operating in 11 countries, Bangladesh being their latest destination. Spreading almost all the continents, they have their 311th store in Dhaka, which opened on October 3, 2019.

The Chocolate Room, as the name suggests has chocolate galore! Most of their sweet treats are chocolaty! But that's just one segment of the menu. Their menu is a huge spread which has salads and sandwiches, fries-n-burgers and many more treats for the palate. There are around twenty different types of savory meals, each of which has a couple of different items to complete the set. Although the name suggests something very sweet, there are pizzas-n-pastas and grill-n-spaghettis to choose from along with the others mentioned before.

The chocolate segment of the menu is a sheer delight, to say the least. There are waffles, crepes, pizza-n-pancakes - all having chocolate as the main ingredient. There is Chocolate Bomb, Chococizza, Chocotail, Chocolate and Cheese Fondue - to name a few of their dishes. The other sweet treats are the regular ones like Frappes, Shakes, Frozen Coffee, Tea - all of which has a different combination of chocolate - in many different flavours and tastes.

They are the first ones to introduce the unusually different chocolate treats here - there are also a few other features that needs special mentioning like the Cuddle Cup, The Warming Mug, The Fondue Dish. These have made their debut in the local food scenario, courtesy of The Chocolate Room.

The boutique café has arrangement for around 70 guests. Being true to their name, the interior is done up in different shades of brown and beige - either dark or light. There is also the History of Chocolate - a wall to wall description that tells one about the journey of the sweetest and most delicious dessert of the world - CHOCOLATE.

The Chocolate Room is open from 8 am till 2 am. So any time can be a good time to step into the newest dessert destination of Dhaka. It is at Gulshan 1, right on the avenue, next to Abacus, keeping in mind fast and busy schedule of Dhaka residents. The Chocolate Room opens so early and stays open till past midnight - so that after a hectic and heavy work schedule - one can come in for a treat - be it sweet or savoury or very chocolaty - for which The Chocolate Room definitely deserves a huge accolade.

_Asma Ali

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