Aarong launches multi-brand outlet at Tejgaon 

_A Monitor Report  Date: 15 February, 2021 | 81 Views

Dhaka: The popular lifestyle retail chain of the country Aarong inaugurated a new multi-brand outlet at Tejgaon in the capital on February 5. 
Managing Director of BRAC social enterprises Tamara Hasan Abed inaugurated the outlet with the presence of other BRAC and Aarong officials. 
Aarong is a social enterprise of BRAC, the largest non-government organisation in the world. 
According to a press release, the new outlet has replaced the iconic Aarong outlet in Gulshan, which is just 500 meters from this new location. The 35,000 square feet outlet will also soon feature a two-storied open-air cafe and restaurant. 
Customers would get all of Aarong's sub-brands, TAAGA, TAAGA MAN, HERSTORY by Aarong, and Aarong Earth, spanning over just one floor and a mezzanine level. 
The new outlet has ensured specially-designated parking, ramps, a wheelchair accessible lift, and washroom facilities to make it an inclusive space considering accessibility for persons with disabilities. 

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