Abandoned B737 turned into Private Jet Luxury Villa in Bali

_A Monitor Report Date: 01 March, 2023

Bali : People find a sense of intrigue around abandoned jets. Hence, they turn many planes into museums, or they display the planes to showcase their history, while some planes end up being party venues or restaurants. However, the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens has transformed an abandoned Boeing 737 into a private luxury villa in Bali. 

The aircraft, which was once on the fleet of the now-defunct Mandala Airlines, sits on the edge of a cliff, about 500 feet above the island's Nyang Nyang beach. It was purchased by developer Felix Demin in 2021 and is currently being renovated into a swanky new home. 

The luxury villa, called Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens, in Bali will be available to rent once it is fully ready. Reports stated that the tariff will be around USD 7,300 (approx SD 9,750) for a night. The sweet stay will have two bedrooms as well as a swimming pool and travellers can start bookings starting April this year. 

The project is being spearheaded by Demin and investor Alexander Lebedev. 

The project, however, has not been an easy one to accomplish. It took time and effort (two months, to be precise) to transport the aircraft to its present home, including planning, discussions and execution. 

The villa can be reached via a staircase, that leads up to the main entrance. Inside, there's a living room with a bar, sofa bed and a glass portal. The two bedrooms inside the structure have walk-in closets. The cockpit of the Boeing 737 has been converted into a large bathroom. Additionally, the outdoor space features not just a beautiful pool, but a fire pit, an outdoor lounge area and sun loungers, reports added.

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