At price of flat, get your own house in Asian Duplex Town

_A Monitor Report Date: 01 January, 2023
Bilash Das, Chairman, Asian Duplex Town Ltd

Dhaka : Asian Duplex Town in Purbachal has been established considering all the civil privileges a resident needs and desires. The best feature of this town is that it offers what residents are missing in the capital, which is now overcrowded with buildings and people, such as duplex houses, open space, fresh air, lower temperature, nature, calmness, playfields, silence, privacy, security and so on. Furthermore, at the price of a flat, buyers can get their own duplex houses that they can call home in Asian Duplex Town.

Bilash Das, Chairman of Asian Duplex Town Ltd said this while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor at his office in the capital recently.  

Initially, the company is offering 3200-4000 sqft duplex houses on five katha of land at a price range of BDT 2.5-5 crore that covers both the duplex house and land. 

"We will be establishing a total of 300-500 duplex houses on five katha to one bigha of land each while the total project area is 200 bigha long," claimed the Chairman. 

The project started in 2013 and so far the company has handed over 40 plots with duplex houses. As people have already started living in this peaceful town, the company is now preparing the next batch of duplex houses on 40 plots for delivery, the Chairman further said.  
"We only sell the plots to elites like government officials or big businessmen," noted Bilash Das.  

"We are getting buyers by referrals. Those who have started living here are enjoying so much that they are asking others to come and visit the place. Once their relatives and friends come to visit, they are also falling in love with the place as it is so different than any other area in the capital. This, in turn, is generating more sales," the Chairman added.  

The Chairman also mentioned many are buying duplex houses in this town to rent it to others as the rent value here is twice than what you get from an equivalent sized flat in Gulshan or Banani of the capital.   

"For each 32000-40000 sqft duplex house, owners are getting a minimum rent of BDT 1 lac 60 thousand with BDT 10-15 lac taka advance," expressed the Chairman. 

However, buyers are bound by contract and will not be able to change the duplex house into a building for the next 25 years, further added the Chairman. 

It may be mentioned here, Asian Duplex Town is a gated community with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security provided by the company. Even if a car is stolen from the premises, the company is bound to provide the resident with a new car, the Chairman mentioned.
The town already has electricity. It has its own electric substation in the premise.  It has deep tube well water. However, it did not get permission for gas. The main roads are 100 feet wide while the minimum width of the smallest road is 40 feet.

In the town, gradually schools, colleges, universities, shopping malls, hospitals, grocery shops, restaurants, golf field, club, gym, swimming pool and even graveyard will be established. Meaning, from birth to death, all kinds of facilities and privileges residents need, will be available here, claimed the Chairman, adding, for this purpose, discussions are underway for joint ventures with many parties.  

The Chairman also mentioned they will be providing bus services. "We will be running our own buses along with public buses to and from the town," said the Chairman.  

By 2026, the total Asian Duplex Town project will be completed and the company by then will hand over 300 houses, shared the Chairman.  

Bilash Das further noted that the town will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and be fully automated. The gates will have censors and cameras and they will open automatically. 

The Chairman said the project will generate employment for thousands of people, contribute plenty to the country's economy, and increase the local people's standard of living. 

There is another land project of the same company behind the Asian Duplex Town in Purbachal and another on Dhaka-Mawa road, concluded Bilash Das.

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