Bishwa Rang's Durga Puja collection

_A Monitor Report Date: 16 September, 2022

Dhaka : Bishwa Rang's Durga Puja collection consists of grace, elegance, radiance, colour, power and comfort. 
This year's collection is unique thanks to the chic and alluring fusion of the goddess Durga's crown with graphical geometric designs. The sarees, panjabis, dhutis, fatwas, shirts, and other items exquisitely display these motifs and patterns.
Materials include viscose, linen, and cotton to provide utmost comfort. 
There are also dresses made of joysilk, dupian, half silk, georgette, and chiffon to give an elegant and graceful look. 
Bright colours are used to reflect the joy of Durga Puja. 
Also, there are chunari, tie-dye, block prints, batik, handicrafts, applique, cutwork, and screen prints in the designs.
The collection draws its inspiration from Durga Puja customs and uses symbols associated with the festival, such as mantras and alpanas.

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