Bishwo Rang announces offer in celebration of Durgapuja

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Dhaka : Durga Puja, the biggest festival of the Hindus, is knocking at the door. The festival means wearing new clothes and to enjoy it to the fullest. But in the current context, it has become difficult to celebrate it this year. So, on the occasion of the upcoming Durga puja, country's renowned fashion brand Bishwo Rang has made special arrangements for all. 
For all the well-wishers of Bishwo Rang, there is a discount of up to 30 per cent on any cloths in the showroom or online shopping.
For expatriate remittance fighters, there is a unique opportunity to send Durga festival gifts to loved ones in the country while staying abroad. Through the service of MoneyGram and Western Union, they can avail the 30 percent discount. 
The discount offer is running till September 11. So collect the clothes of your choice during this period at affordable prices. This offer is not available in Bishwo Rang franchise showrooms.
As always, there is a collection of all the exquisite designs. There is a difference in the pattern of clothing. This time on the occasion of Durgutsab, sari, Punjabi, thrips, fatwa, shirt, etc were brought up. Durga motifs, mantras, alpana motifs of various graphical geometric forms are used. Keeping the warmth in mind, comfortable cotton, linen, viscose, and wool are used. Joysilk, Dupian, Half Silk, Georgette, Siphon are highlighted to depict the aristocracy. Bright colors have been used in the costumes to enhance the festive mood. Chunari, tie-dye, bok, batik, handicraft, applique, cutwork, screenprint etc are used as the medium.

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