ISHO introduces AR

_A Monitor Report Date: 16 December, 2021

Dhaka : ISHO, one of the leading furniture brands of the country, has launched their Augmented Reality (AR) technology for the first time.   
ISHO has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in furniture since its inception. Now, with the help of AR, they are in efforts to revolutionise the local industry and change the way people purchase furniture online. 
AR technology allows customers to virtually view animated objects in the backdrop of real life. By using ISHO's AR on your smart device, customers will be able to see realistic 3D models of every piece of their furniture. 
This new age tool will not only help customers to make informed decisions about the furniture they want to buy, it will further reinforce ISHO's commitment of providing a seamless experience between physical and digital spaces.
To experience AR, customers will need to log into on the phone and click on any of the products that are AR-enabled. This feature can be seen on all major smartphone brands that support ARCore by Google.
Rayana Hossain, Founder and Managing Director, ISHO Ltd said, "Introducing AR will be a game-changer for the furniture industry in the country. We will not only be making our products more accessible to an increasingly tech-savvy audience but to a whole new generation of buyers as well."

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