ISHO launches 'You know you need it' campaign

_A Monitor Report  Date: 16 January, 2021 | 178 Views

Dhaka : Bringing ISHO's furniture right to people's doorsteps, the 'You know you need it' campaign of the brand will feature a decked out and customised ISHO van that will be seen across various locations in the city.
Each week, a different room set up will be showcased - a living room, office, dining room, and bedroom - where on-lookers and bystanders will be able to come and see a selection of ISHO's global designs up close and in person.
The promotion will also see surprise celebrity guest appearances and a whole heap of exciting discount giveaways and the chance for people to enter a grand raffle draw.
All in all, the ISHO van will cover over 30 localities between North and South Dhaka on a daily basis and will be making regular stops for customers to enter the van. 

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