Lotto implements adapt to memory foam, breeze light tech in its shoes

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Dhaka : Popular sports/ lifestyle brand LOTTO has more than a 100 retail outlets and similar numbers of franchisee outlets in the country. It also employs over 1500 people, and as a testament to people's trust in the brand, enjoyed growth in demand even during the pandemic hit economy.
Founded in 1939, LOTTO Sports is an Italian sportswear manufacturer producing and selling sportswear since 1973. Currently it operates in more than 110 countries, including Bangladesh.
Here, LOTTO has positioned itself as one of the most successful Italian sports footwear brand. The company entered Bangladesh in 2012 and has been serving Bangladeshi consumers ever since. In a span of nine years, the company has opened standalone LOTTO outlets all over the country. The growth in the number of stores is due to the rising demand and subsequent love for the brand from loyal patrons helping to make the special footwear brand, a key player in the retail shoe category of our country. 
This year, the brand is focusing on promoting their Adapt to Memory Foam Technology and Breeze Light Technology as an added feature to maximise the benefits of the sports shoes. Their existing lines offer different kinds of support for the differing needs of individual athletes, starting from complete breathability, extra and appropriate cushioning as well as lightweight material.
The Breeze Light sock liner grants complete air circulation for an ever-dry sensation. The Breeze Light variants are comfortable, lightweight, infinitely fashionable shoes with new uppers, materials and lacing. 
These shoes are also machine washable at low temperatures. Also offering a polymer compound with particular density for greatest comfort and lightness. The Adapt to Memory foam shoes instantly adapt to the shape of your feet and help heat sealing along the insole perimeter for maximum resistance over time.
The brand has launched into all forms of sports categories such as basketball, volleyball, track, field, and even soccer while being a leader in the professional tennis and football footwear category.

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