Saffola launches '100pc Pure' Honey

_A Monitor Report  Date: 01 February, 2021 | 124 Views

Dhaka: Marico Bangladesh Limited, the fastest-growing multinational FMCG Organisation in Bangladesh, has recently launched the all-new 100 percent pure Saffola Honey. This is an extension to its health-brand Saffola to deliver great nutrition value and immunity boosting benefits to consumers.
Saffola is one of the most trusted international brands in this region. It has the heritage of scientific expertise and delivering superior nutritional value for more than 60 years.
Recent days have made us take a new look at our health and hygiene. At this heightened sense of awareness about consuming nutrient-rich, pure, immunity boosting food, the role of honey along with other nutritious and immuno-rich super foods have become stronger.
With the need to stay fit and healthy at the heart of its creation, every batch of the new Saffola Honey is tested using the latest NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) test, the gold standard test for the quality of honey, to ensure zero adulteration, no added sugar and no compromise with consumer's immunity.
The promise of immunity booster and health stays true only when the honey is 100 percent pure, if it contains added sugar or exposed to adulteration consumers will not get the famous benefits of honey.

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