LOTTO launches Eid campaign on 45th Anniversary

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Dhaka : The number one Italian brand of Bang-ladesh, LOTTO recently celebrated its 45th anniversary by launching its latest products and Eid campaign "Uthshabe-Anande Hazaar Hazaar Joota Free".

In addition to its official launching ceremony, LOTTO also hosted a fashion show with upcoming Eid collections. The brand ambassador of LOTTO Bangladesh and former captain of the Bangla-desh national cricket team Mushfiqur Rahim presented the trendy "CS7 Series Shoes" and the Eid Campaign at the ceremony hosted at a posh hotel in Dhaka.

LOTTO showcased its exclusive Eid collection at the fashion show. During the campaign, customers who purchase Tk. 1000 or more worth of LOTTO products will get a scratch card. By scratching the card they can get a pair of LOTTO "CS7 Series Shoes" or a 20 per cent or 50 per cent discount. The fashionable LOTTO "CS7 Series Shoes" made of laser print and virgin PVC comes in 9 colors, is affordable, light and very comfortable. It has three levels of lamination which makes it very durable. Its Top Toe Cap keeps feet protected, as a result it is very comfortable for morning walks. Customers can avail themselves of discounts after Eid up to September 20 on the LOTTO "CS7 Series Shoes" on the scratch card they receive during shopping in Ramadan.

Managing Director of LOTTO Bangladesh, Kazi Jamil Islam addressed the occasion: "There is no compromise in quality. To keep with contemporary trends, we undertake continuous product quality improvement and prioritize customer preference through the use of innovative modern technology". Believing this principle of success, the popular lifestyle brand LOTTO Bang-ladesh is happily serving the needs of style conscious consumers of all ages from more than 150 outlets in Bangladesh. Also present at the occasion Chairman, Md. Nurul Haque and Marketing Consultant, Kazi Javed Islam of LOTTO Bangladesh, senior executives of LOTTO Bangladesh.

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