Zaveri Gold revels in creativity

- Farhana Naznin 01 Oct, 2018 | 177 Views | - +
Dhaka : Zaveri Gold is now a renowned name in the jewellery sector for its unrelenting attitude to keep the standard of their products high, which enables them to earn the faith of the customers very quickly.

The name Zaveri came from Zaveri Bazaar which is believed to be the oldest gold market in India. So the owners named the shop after that name to give its customers a touchy and nostalgic feeling.

Here the story of Zaveri Gold began in the year of 2013 as an almost inconspicuous jewellery store in Gulshan Pink City in the capital.

It is indeed a significant feat that Zaveri Gold is today one of the most established and fastest growing jewellery shop. But rapid growth and earning the customers' faith was not built up just overnight.

"Our outlet is designed keeping the customers comfort in mind and to ease off their agony of moving here and there for quality things. We are well equipped to serve our clients with the same flawless quality that our jewellery possesses," said Ripon Kumar Ghosh, one of the partners of Zaveri Gold.

This is a partnership jewellery house in which they have five partners in Ripon Kumar Ghosh, Uttam Banik, Sanjit Kumar Ghosh, Rony Ghosh and Ujjal Karmakar.

"The business has always been service focused which is another reason why Zaveri Gold is acknowledged as 'the best place to buy jewellery, a feat that is synonymous with our brand," Ripon Kumar Ghosh stated.

"Some Indian expert craftsmen who originally hailed from Bangladesh came here to train up the country's craftsman," he added.

"Quality revels in the assurance of the purity of our products, continually and eternally. Jewellery from Zaveri Gold carries the guarantee of gold content and is hallmarked. In addition, qualified gemologist's hand-selected stones are used in our jewellery to ensure high quality," he added.

"A unique combination of product design and quality sets us a class apart. The key to sustain in any business is a keen understanding of the customer, delivering on promises, and practicing continued innovation. We have been successfully excelling in all sections since the very beginning," added Ripon Kumar Ghosh.

An exceptional collection of jewellery, from the highly contemporary and the very latest styling to the most traditional, Zaveri Gold offers one the widest ranges of jewellery, from affordable fashion items to more exclusive pieces crafted in gold and precious stones.

They are the quintessential jewellers, and they thrive on giving substance to style. Zaveri Gold has always provided the highest grade of quality service.

"Our passion for excellence translates into every single piece of our jewellery which reflects our classical elegance. The company brings together the dualities of science and aesthetics, melding its rich history and long traditions with contemporary creativity and cutting edge craftsmanship," he said.

Zaveri Gold sets exacting standards and each piece of jewellery is scrupulously inspected and graded. The organisation keeps note of international trends so that its creations echo current tastes and guarantee its customers the privilege of the latest styles.

"We have also Rajasthani design glass Mantasha, Joypuri Konkon chur, Multani chur, verity nose pin like noth with tana, without tana big size noth, tickly, verity pael--some are stone setting some are solid gold," he informed.

Zaveri gold also believes in trend setting. While the big size finger ring is now a trend for bridal jewellery, they have the likes of square, triangle, and circle with stone, mina or Novoratna setting ring in their collections.

"Your wedding is one of the most special events of your life - a time when you are the prime focus of your relatives and your loved ones. Make it special with careful planning leading to a clear understanding of how you want to look and how you want to present yourself on the big day. But don't forget to trust your instincts too," Ripon Kumar Ghosh concluded.

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