Deshi Dosh to delight with new co-brand

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Dhaka : With a very attractive name, a combined effort of 10 local companies came together to promote the exotic culture and traditional clothes of Bangladesh.

Since 2008, Deshi Dosh, a conglomerates of ten entrepreneurs are: Deshal, Nipun, Rang, Banglar Mela, Bibiana, Shadakalo, Anjans, Probortona, Nagardola and Kay Kraft.

Maintaining a harmony with others each stall remains unique. All of the stores displays their own product. The first site of this exclusive 'deshi (traditional)' products was at the Bashundhara City Shopping Mall at Panthapath, Gulshan (Link Road), Bogra, Narayanganj, Chittagong and Sylhet.

Art of Blue (Anjan's)

Anjan's has been the market leader in the Bangladesh fashion industry for the last two decades, expanding its horizon at the rhythm of the age. Anjan's however has come with another varied section 'Art of Blue' which is based on Blue colour that imprints on its new dresses.

Anjan's expects that the Blue colour would leave its customers in awe as the contains the enormity of the night, moonlight night, sea, sky and other nature in its newly designed dress. In 'Art of Blue' by Anjan's, saree, salwar-kamij, tops are in abundance for the female while for male they have the collection of panjabi, shirt, fatua.

Beyond Sada Kalo (Sada Kalo)

'Beyond Sada Kalo' is the new venture of fashion house Sada Kalo which began its journey in 2002 and won the heart of the people through its unique design and attractive collections. For the city dwellers, Sada Kalo is now a household name. For the first time they are using another colour in their dress line up, which they term as 'Beyond Sada Kalo." They however requested their customer to be with them in their different way of journey.

Block Touch (Nagordola)

Block and Screen-print are the different art which basically have been used for long in designing the dress. The cloth experts executed those two prints in different way to make the fashion comfortable or unique for the customers.

Fashion brand Nagordola has been working on those two prints since its inception. In line with that, they however have come up with 'Block Touch' which they thought would add new dimension in the fashion brand.

Balika Bela (Bibiana)

Balika Bela is the co-brand of fashion house Bibiana. Basically we are used to divide the chapter of our life like childhood, juvenile, adult and old from which the juvenile age remains the most ignorant. Bibiana marked this age group people doesn't get their desired fashioned-dress in most of the fashion houses, and, so they made some unique products for them in new style, prioritizing the variation of bright colour so that it could fulfil their desire.

Banglar Hat (Banglar Mela)

Banglar Mela has recently unfolded its co-brand 'Banglar Hat', has brought up new designed dress for both female and male and expecting that it would fulfil the demand of their customers. Banglar Mela basically prioritized Bangladesh's heritage and culture in designing the dress. They are the one that brought 'handloom dress' to the fore and made it popular for the people of the city.

Essence of Deshal (Deshal)

At the age when boys and girls crossed their childhood stage to reach be juvenile, their thought process and likings gradually becomes different, which looks strange sometimes. In choosing the dress and fashion, they also look different but Deshal understands their psychology and hence unleashed the co-brand 'Essence of Deshal' which brings up the dresses fashion to the liking of this age-group.

West Rang (Rang Bangladesh)

West Rang has been the co-brand of leading fashion house Rang Bangladesh since 2012. Its main objective is to bring up modern trendy dress for the young generation, prioritizing the country's culture in their design. Rang Bangladesh, tries to portray country's culture to their designed dress, so as West Rang. But they set the trend in their own way, varying the colour, design and others. In West Rang, for the male, there is vast collection of panjabi, T-shirt, fatua, shirt, katua while the female will get tops, kurta, skirt and others.

Young Kay (Kay Craft)

Young Kay represents the Kay Craft, a renowned boutique house which began its journey in 90's in a bid to give the young generation a new way of life. Young Kay however is trying to bring Indo-Western style in their fashion, pattern and design with help of some creative designers. They have already made shirt, panjabi, kurta, T-shirt, polo shirt, jacket, koti, pant for the male and kurti, tops, skirt, gowns, two-piece, koti, leggings, ornaments for female, using this style.

Maku (Nipun)

Country's fashion brand Nipun launched their co-brand Maku, inspired by the minimalistic fashion. Maku is a specialised brand for the female and promotes something in daily fashion which would raise our style, statement and trend. Such as, during the office time a lady might need such dress which could be fusion, comfortable and stylish. So Maku designed their dress such away that a female can use it in her daily life. Maku's intention is to help the female express her in different way everyday. In Maku one will get dress of all ages of women as they have tops, kurta, single kamij and various style's pant and bags in their product line.

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