Making a statement with stunning jewellery

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Dhaka : The very thought of a wedding makes every woman's heart flutter. Women grow up thinking and making plans about the big day; a day of hopes and dreams, a day of emotions and sentiments. A day when they embrace a new life.

Every bride wants to look good on their wedding day. While there are numerous details that go into making a wedding look memorable, the most important aspect is undoubtedly jewellery.

The trends of bridal jewelry have been changing with every generation. Nowadays, the number and the type of events have also changed. Back in the 1990s, a wedding consisted of four to five days of events, namely, engagement, holud for the bride, holud for the groom, reception, and bride feast (bou bhat).

Now, there are pre-engagement shoots, engagement, holud, mehendi, rong khela, bridal shower, bachelor's party, and finally the wedding reception. More events mean more pieces of jewellery for the bride.

Brides usually choose different kinds of jewellery for each event. Out of all the new events, the theme of the bridal shower is mostly western. The bride likes to wear minimal jewelry with a sparkling tiara.

For holud, mehendi and rong khela, brides mostly prefer floral jewellery but based on personal choices, few brides might prefer pearl or gold jewelry.

Engagement and wedding receptions are the events when brides usually choose heavier jewellery, like shithi-paati, tikli, jhapta, noth, shita-haar, roton-choor, baaju-bandh, gemstone jewelry set, and heirlooms. Jarwa House has some amazing collections of such jewelry.

Jarwa House tries their best to keep track of the changing trends and fulfill the customers' needs.

A background in gemology enables Avi Roy, Director, Jarwa House and his staff to understand the jewellery and allows them to help the customers to make more informed choices of purchasing the jewellery.

These give them a unique advantage over the rest in terms of quality of gems and diamonds.

Avi Roy said, "One of the secrets of creating the prestigious legacy of Jarwa House is, we have always been distinctive and sincere about the jewellery we present to our customers. We believe that every piece of jewellery is special and we do not compromise with that sentiment."

A girl will buy jewelry all her life, but none of it will ever be like her wedding jewellery, for it is a symbol of the love, commitment, and dedication her parents, in-laws, and husband have for her.

In Bengali weddings, jewellery is not a mere ornament. It is a form of investment, a sort of security that is bestowed on the bride as she steps into her new life.

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