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Faster internet enabling people access digital services

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Dhaka : The digital service providing company Banglalink aims to use their resources tactically in a bid to bring up a revolution in the market, much like what they did 12 years ago, when they made people from limited income groups believe that they can also use mobile phones.

When the call rate was extremely high, Banglalink changed the syntax of the market giving people the chance to call at lower rates.

Their strategy was so popular that those who hardly dreamt of carrying mobiles, started using the mobile services. That was a massive revolution in the mobile market, which forced other operators to change their strategy.

Almost overnight, Banglalink rose to the second position amongst the mobile companies because of their revolutionary change.

With Bangladesh entering into the era of high speed internet, all mobile companies are focused on providing digital services.

Banglalink is no exception, but they want to do it in a shrewd manner and for which they prioritise building a strong network across the country.

They have targetted some areas adjacent to Dhaka and remote regions as they are trying to give people a good experience of using data and call service simultaneously.

"Speed is the game in this market now," said Ritesh Kumar Singh, Chief Commercial Officer, of Banglalink.

"Bangladeshi people are gradually adopting the digital mode of life. Due to the arrival of 4G, people from all across the country are getting seamless and faster internet connectivity. It is enabling them to access digital services with ease."

"Our first priority would be to give people quality network service. We invested more than Tk 3,000 crore to purchase additional spectrum, which has significantly improved our network quality. We are now investing heavily in the areas adjacent to Dhaka like Jatrabari, Savar, Gazipur, which are expanding in terms of the people and job market."

Ritesh Kumar Singh joined Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd as the Chief Sales Officer on July 20, 2017. He has more than 21 years of professional experience with major telecommunications operators in the South Asian region, such as Idea Cellular Ltd, Bharti Cellular Ltd (Airtel), Reliance Telecom and Telenor (India and Region Asia). Before joining Banglalink, he was Executive Vice President and Circle CEO, Bharti Airtel Limited.

"Mobile technology is very important now in Bangladesh. People can forget to take their wallet but don't forget to carry mobiles," he said stressing the importance of cell phones these days.

"Ten to twelve years ago Banglalink started its journey in this country. It made sure that Bangladeshi people use mobile at lower prices. The tariff was extremely high but it made people believe that they can also use mobile phones. People still remember that Banglalink is the company which empowered them to use mobile services."

The market got competitive and everything is changing but Banglalink has not changed its philosophy of giving people better services at lower price, saiod Ritesh.

The market got competitive and it is changing continuously. The needs of customer are changing at the same time. The smartphone penetration is rising in the country and people are getting habituated to using digital services.

Banglalink is constantly trying to bring more digital services in order to cater to customers' needs. We launched a programme named "Learn Internet, See the world" in collaboration with the tech giant Facebook for enabling people to get access to the world of Internet.

'Kormo' app

Ritesh said, we also launched "Career Development Zones" at Banglalink Customer Experience Centres across different locations in the city partnering with Google. At these zones, visitors can learn about employment and career opportunities and receive support in using "Kormo," a career development app developed inside of Google's Area 120 group.

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