Cats Eye offers discount on all products

_A Monitor Report 01 Feb, 2019 | 366 Views|-+
Dhaka : Cats Eye has brought formal and casual clothes with quality fabrics, pattern variations and tailoring specialties only for men at an affordable price.

The brand is offering 10pc to 30pc special discount for winter. 30pc discount is available on any winter jacket, suite or sweater until the stocks runs out.

Under this offer, there is 20pc discount on trousers and panjabis.

Besides, T-shirts, shirts, hoodies and ladies tops are available in 10pc less of the price.

The winter discount offer is available till January 25. However, 20pc to 50pc discount on specific designs can only be found in Cats Eye online store.

Sadiq Quddus, Director and Designer, Cats Eye said, "The formal and casual winter clothes of Cat Eye are of 100 per cent premium quality. These will be radiant in winter's layering fashion. However, this discount is offered to increase the use of Cats Eye products among customers. Even though the items are inexpensive, there is no doubt on the quality and design of each product. Alongside the discount being offered at stores, regular updates with photos of new products will be available on Cats Eye verified facebook fan page."

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