Sarin's Store for complete organic, homemade beauty products

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Sarin's Store is about completely organic and homemade beauty products. For which, nature is enough to provide the ingredients, claims the venture. The store is run by two cousin-sisters, Safa Jahangir, Founder and Owner along with her cousin Zarin Tasneem, Co-owner.

There are many similar kind of startups which import products from abroad. However, Sarin's Store collects the ingredients of their products from Bangladesh only, making them stand out.

They aim to promote the use of age-old natural ayurvedic products that are available in Bangladesh and through different processing methods; they bring these products in a usable form for people providing the natural care for people's skin and hair.

Thanks to which, people are depending less on harmful chemicals rather turning towards nature for the answer.

The origin story behind this start-up is quite a tale. Safa opened the online store in 2016 and made Zarin an admin too. They started with accessories imported from China. However, they always had some family recipes of beauty packs. Then, her friends, one day, gave them the idea of selling those on their page.

So, Safa and Zarin introduced two oils first on the page followed by a secret family recipe pack. When those three started receiving great response from people, they closed the accessories trade completely and started selling organic homemade beauty products.

After that, the two sisters started research to come up with more packs and products like those, studying and experimenting with different natural ingredients. And that has led them to a total of 25 products.

Now, the products you will find in Sarin's Store are for hair and skin care. There are some single products such as rose powder, neem leaf powder, liquorice powder etc.

On the other hand, there are face packs, hair packs, brightness scrubs, detox clay, mud masks, Arabica body scrub etc of their own recipes. They also have 5 kinds of oil for hair and body. They have a Bridal package too which contains 'head to toe' care products. They named it Porineeta meaning 'complete'.

Sarin's Store is a completely online based start-up. They run their sales and publicity through facebook and instagram. They sometimes collaborate with bloggers as well.

Through the digital platform, they are able to reach a broader audience all over Bangladesh. And they try to deliver the products to the customers' homes in 3-7 days.

Attending fairs and exhibitions is another way to get the products out there. Sarin's Store has participated in 3 fairs so far in MIB, Dhanmondi. Receiving great response, Safa and Zarin are thinking to open an outlet. However, they might share one with others instead of having an entire one just to themselves. Anyhow, they will always run the online store.

Upon the question of women feeling intimidated in business, Zarin Tasneem, Co-Owner of Sarin's Store does feel it is somewhat true. However, the platform has become very easy now due to internet. People can run businesses from home at present. Yet, many don't receive support from their families and have cold feet before starting the journey. The key here is to just go for it. Once started, gradually one by one every hurdle goes away.

_Tanvir Shams

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