Artist talk on "Geographies of Imagination" held at Goethe-Institut

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Dhaka : Goethe-Institut Bangladesh hosted an artist talk titled "Geographies of Imagination" by Olani Ewunnet from the SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin on October 24 at its auditorium.

In her introductory statement, Olani Ewunnet mentioned that, "Geographies of Imagination, in its Berlin iteration, was SAVVY Contemporary's first step towards this idea of dis-othering, towards the reimagining and dismantling of the cartographies of power inherent in the creation of the West and non-West. We are deeply honoured to join this year's Dhaka Art Summit, to reflect with this constellation of perspectives on what dis-othering might mean in this context."

During her talk, Olani Ewunnet discussed her work with the art space SAVVY Contemporary, focusing on the ongoing research project Geographies of Imagination. An essential part of the project is a timeline on cartographic power, which was first rooted in SAVVY Contemporary's locality in Berlin, the place that hosted the 1884 Congo Conference.

For the Dhaka Art Summit 2020, this cartographic timeline will be further developed and activated, taking this time Dhaka itself as a starting and dialogical pivot from which to draw new lines and connections.

Diana Campbell Betancourt, Artistic Director, Samdani Art Foundation, said, "We are excited about our new alliance with SAVVY DAS Samdani Art Foundation and the Goethe-Institut, which allows us to further expand geographies of imagination to connect Asia and Africa and open up new frames of thinking."

The event was organised by Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, in association with the Samdani Art Foundation (SAF) and SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin.

Olani Ewunnet is an urban designer, researcher, and sound artist living in Berlin. Her practice largely examines the inter and intra border signifiers of African sonics, urbanism and design typologies. Ewunnet currently works with Kéré Architecture/Kéré Foundation and is the founder of the Selamawi Project, a traditional instrument construction program in Addis Ababa. Ewunnet is the core researcher for Geographies of Imagination in both Berlin and Dhaka.