Air India plans to vaccinate entire staff by month end

-    A Monitor Desk Report Date: 06 May, 2021 | 487 Views

Dhaka: Air India eyes to vaccinate its entire staff by the end of the month, said senior officials of the airline. The move follows threats of employee unions to stop flying if the airline did not begin vaccinations.

India is currently suffering a severe second wave of coronavirus that has deeply hurt the aviation sector.

According to reports, Air India will begin vaccinating employees starting early next week and aims to cover all staff by the end of May.

India officially opened vaccine eligibility for everyone over 18 on May 1, clearing the way for anyone to get their shots. However, the decision comes the same day as some airline employee unions threatened to stop flying without vaccines.

Air India leadership seems to have quickly heeded this demand, not wanting any disruptions to operations at this crucial time. Air India has been flying critical medical supplies into and around India to cope with a massive rise in cases.

Thousands have been struggling to secure slots in major cities as vaccine demand outstrips supply. To facilitate easy access for Air India staff, the airline will set up vaccine drives, although more details are currently unknown. The drives will be open to all employees and does not seem to be mandatory as of now.

As India struggles with a crushing second wave of Covid-19, Air India pilots have highlighted the difficult situations they are operating under.

In a statement, an Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association spokesperson said, “We have gone above and beyond during this pandemic, risking life and limb to ensure our citizens’ well-being. Due to our unwavering support, Vande Bharat Mission and relief operations continue to run smoothly even in the face of a resurgence of even deadlier strains of Covid-19. All we got in return for our dedication and sacrifices is a massive discriminatory pay cut.”

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