Airbus and AirAsia reach agreement to modify undelivered aircraft orders

Monitor Desk Report Date: 19 September, 2021 | 427 Views

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has agreed to cut prices or reschedule the delivery of aircraft. This news came out on the 17th. This will be a welcome news for AirAsia. This transaction involves hundreds of Airbus A320 series aircraft, valued at tens of billions of dollars.

Over the past ten years, AirAsia and Airbus have been working closely together. The airline received the first batch of A320 aircraft in 2006 and began to phase out the older Boeing 737 to form an all-air passenger fleet. The Malaysia-based group has placed many important orders for its subsidiaries in Asia, and there are still 354 Airbus jets that have not been delivered. Including 5 A320neo and 349 A321neo. In recent years, the airline has been steadily receiving these new aircraft. However, the global health crisis suddenly stopped the momentum and growth of low-cost airlines, severely hitting most travel around the world. AirAsia, which is affected by travel restrictions imposed by its home country, is not immune.

It is in this challenging environment that the low-cost airline seeks to renegotiate its deal with Airbus. An industry source said on Friday that the two parties have reached an agreement to reduce prices or reschedule the delivery time of undelivered aircraft.

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