Another satellite on the cards

Monitor Desk Report Date: 23 September, 2021 | 379 Views

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar on Wednesday said the government had been encouraged enough by Bangabandhu-1, the country’s first satellite, to start mulling the launch of another soon.

Mustafa Jabbar said the government was already contemplating launching Bangabandhu-2, although it would not be a pure communications satellite.

“The next satellite will be a mixed satellite. The consultant firm has given us its report, and we are analyzing it before moving further,” he said.

Sources at the ministry said Bangabandhu-2 might be a monitoring satellite used for cartography and meteorology, as well as tracking environmental changes.

It would cost less to launch the next satellite as the ground station and other infrastructure had already been set up, they added.

Discussions with 6 countries on Bangabandhu-1

Located at the 119.1 east geostationary slot, Bangabandhu -1 will cover the SAARC countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkestan and a part of Kazakhstan.

The coverage is strongest in Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, for which these six countries have initially been chosen for business.

BCSCL has hired the international consultancy firm Thaicom for two years to run marketing and sale of the connectivity of Bangabandhu -1 in the six countries. The Thai firm is currently active in around 20 countries.

The satellite’s operations include “direct-to-home” service for TV channels, VSAT (very small aperture terminal), backhaul and network restoration, disaster preparedness and relief and a host of others.


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