ATR turns 40 years

Monitor Desk Report Date: 08 November, 2021 | 254 Views

With its glorious story of innovation and progress over four decades ATR, One of the quiet achievers of the aviation business has just turned 40. 
From humble beginnings, the Toulouse-based company has grown into the world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer with customers in over 100 countries worldwide. 
With an initial business case for a few hundred aircraft, 40 years later, the ATR family now has four versions and has sold 1,700 aircraft. For Airbus, which holds a 50pc stake in the company, ATR is their entree card into the regional turboprop market.
ATR’s best-known planes are its 42-600 and 72-600. Depending on the configuration, the 42-600 can seat between 30 and 50 passengers, operate on runways as short as 1,050 meters, and burns 30pc less fuel than a comparable 50 seat regional jet. The bigger 72-600 seats between 44 and 78 passengers.
“ATR aircraft are suitable for all business models and all regions of the world, in any type of conditions (cold, hot, high altitude runways, harsh environments), and a wide range of airports (steep approach, unpaved airfields, short or narrow runways),” says ATR.
“This broad appeal and flexibility lead to strong asset values and wide acceptance of the aircraft in the airline and financing community.”

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