Australia locked for tourists until 2022

Monitor Desk Report Date: 07 October, 2021 | 470 Views

The international tourists who are contemplating traveling to Australia at the end of this year need to change their plans. The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has confirmed that the country will not be open to international tourists until 2022. It focuses on taking back skilled migrants and students only.

The Prime Minister has said that after Australians, the government would give priority to skilled migrants, and international students who are looking forward to entering the country. International tourists would only come in after that.
Immigration to Australia is at its lowest right now since World War II, all because of the pandemic, and the lockdowns and restrictions globally. Universities in Australia heavily rely on foreign students, and the pandemic has severely affected them. The Prime Minister said, "The next priorities are skilled migrants that are very important for the country and who are double vaccinated, as well as students who are coming and returning to Australia for their studies."

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