Bali reopens for tourists in October

Monitor Desk Report Date: 30 September, 2021 | 493 Views

The Indonesian scenic island of Bali is reopening for international tourism in October after months of closure due to the scourge of the coronavirus. The Indonesian tourism minister makes the announcement after multiple plans to reopen the popular tourist destination have failed to gain traction. The central government says the pandemic-hit Bali will be ready to receive international tourists, backpackers and adventure-seekers.

After a meeting at Bali Tourism Polytechnic on 24 September the Tourism and Creative Economic Minister, Sandiaga Uno announced that the central government has planned to reopen the international travel corridor in October.
The plan to reopen the border was initiated after receiving reports from Bali Vice Governor, Cok Ace about the recent Covid-19 transmissions in Bali that have significantly reduced and have been properly handled. “After being informed that Bali is handling Covid-19 transmissions properly, Luhut immediately instructed us to prepare the reopening procedures by October 2021.” Sandiaga added.
While no specific details were provided on the which countries would be welcome in Bali and the exact date of the reopening, multiple reports have cited that the island will only be open for vaccinated tourists and will require testing for entry.

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