Bangkok tightens COVID-19 restrictions

-A Monitor Report Date: 03 January, 2021 | 994 Views

Dhaka: Bangkok city authorities have tightened COVID-19 quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus, banning the activities of entertainment venues, local media outlets report.

According to the latest reports, pubs, bars, Internet cafes, water parks, baths, playgrounds and sports grounds, fitness centers, massage parlors, martial arts schools, cockfighting arenas and a number of other places will be temporarily closed in Bangkok.

In addition, in hairdressing salons, clients do not have to wait for a haircut indoors, and one visitor needs to be served no more than two hours.

Earlier, the mayor’s office of Bangkok closed all schools until January 17. Preschools and kindergartens were also ordered to close.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 7,379 cases of COVID-19 infection have been registered in Thailand, about 4.3 thousand people have recovered, 64 people have died.

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