Barisal's water lilies paint the landscape with joy

Monitor Desk Report Date: 13 September, 2021 | 442 Views

Every year at this time the landscape which lies 60 kilometres from Barisal city is transformed into a blaze of pink. It's a grand visual festival begun...

Thousands of water lilies bloom on the lake in Barisal known as Shaplar Beel, “Lake of the Water lilies,” nature reminds in loud announcement that life is a great celebration.

The Lal Shapla Beel has been witnessing an increased flow of tourists from different parts of the country. The posh hotels are also doing brisk business as tourists keep flocking here.

The bubbling red water lilies will immediately arrest your eyes. It will appear as though a haven of red and white water lilies are sitting expectantly for you on the unmistakable water. You glide from one side to the next on a vessel in this natural beauty spot. The red lilies seem moving towards your pontoon to welcome you. The water lilies can be touched right away if you spread your hand. It will seem to you that countless water lilies sprouting in the waters of the beel appear to have beaten the red emanation of the sun.

Red water lilies generally blossom in September and October. As of now, tourists and nature darlings from various areas of the country rush there, for getting a glimpse of the stunning magnificence of the red water lilies over the green.

As this colourful Shapla Beel is turning out to be increasingly more appealing to tourists and travelers, its economic prospect is likewise increasing. If the number of internal and unfamiliar sightseers expands, the measure of income will certainly multiply.


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