BBQ festival at Dhaka Regency underway

- A Monitor Desk Report Date: 20 November, 2023
BBQ festival at Dhaka Regency underway

Dhaka: Dhaka Regency's Rooftop Garden Restaurant Grill on the Skyline is currently hosting a BBQ Fiesta every day from 6:00 pm to 11: 00 pm.

The culinary event is aimed at being a haven for barbecue enthusiasts and food connoisseurs, said a release. The rooftop garden restaurant features panoramic views of Dhaka's skyline, ideal for the BBQ Fiesta, it added.

From tender, marinated meats to charred vegetables and an array of delectable sides, the festival offers something for every palate.

The event features a diverse menu, ensuring that both meat lovers and vegetarians can indulge in their BBQ fantasies that start from BDT 1550++; with a complete selection of fresh, delectable meat and seafood accompanied by complimentary side dishes.

Succulent kebabs, tikka, perfectly grilled chicken and juicy beef steaks await guests at the grill station.

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