BCMEA demands higher tariff on importing tiles

- A Monitor Desk Report Date: 10 June, 2021 | 432 Views
BCMEA members seen at the press conference held in the capital’s press club on June 10

Dhaka: Leaders of Bangladesh Ceramic Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BCMEA) on June 10 demanded imposing higher tariff over importing foreign made tiles in the proposed annual budget for the fiscal 2021-22 for safeguarding the local ceramic industry.   

They also demanded withdrawing imposed supplementary taxes on production and supply of all kinds of locally made tiles and sanitary products.

BCMEA president Sirajul Islam Mollah and general secretary Irfan Uddin placed the demands at a post-budget press conference at Jatiya Press Club (JPC) in the capital.

Mollah said that the reduction in tariff on imported tiles products will push the local ceramic industry into an imbalance competition as 15 percent supplementary tax has been proposed to impose on domestic ceramics at the production stage and 15 percent VAT on the sale.

He said if the market faces imbalance, the investors will lose their interest that may turn the ceramic sector into a wounded industry resulting in huge job cuts. 

So, the BCMEA president argued that it is important to increase duty tariff for importing foreign made tiles for safeguarding the Bangladesh-made ceramics.

BCMEA general secretary Irfan Uddin said domestic tiles and sanitary products are no longer considered luxury items for the building construction industry. 

If the supplementary duty, imposed on domestic ceramic products, is completely withdrawn the price will go down and the use of ceramic items, those that are actually essential for maintaining hygiene, will be increased consequently, he added.  

BCMEA Vice President Moynul Islam, Director Rasheed Mymunul Islam, Azizul Hakim Sumon, and Ruslan Nasir among others were present on the occasion.

The BCEMA leaders also urged the government to reduce import duties on minerals raw materials of ceramic products as most of the ingredients for producing ceramic and tiles items are not available in the country.     

About 70 percent of the primary raw materials used in the ceramic sector are natural mineral soils and out of that 80 percent depends on imported China Clay and Ball Clay.

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