Biman’s second Dash 8Q-400 arrives in Dhaka

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has named the new aircraft of Biman ‘Akash Tari’

-    A Monitor Desk Report Date: 25 February, 2021 | 288 Views
The second Dash 8Q-400 of Biman Bangladesh Airlines being welcomed by a water gun salute upon arrival at HSIA on February 24

Dhaka: Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ new Dash 8Q-400 aircraft arrived at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the capital on February 24. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has named the second of the three newly purchased Dash 8Q-400 aircraft "Akash Tari".

The three Dash-8Q-400 aircraft have been purchased on a government to government basis between the government of Bangladesh and Canada.

State Minister for Civil Aviation Mahbub Ali received the aircraft at Dhaka airport in the evening. In a statement, he mentioned the Prime Minister’s aim to modernise the fleet of the national flag carrier. The arrival of the new aircraft "Akash Tari" in the country is a testimony of that, Mahbub Ali added. aviation news bangladesh

The third Dash-8 aircraft will arrive in Bangladesh on March 4, the State Minister said.

With the addition of the new Dash-8 aircraft, the total number of aircraft in Biman’s fleet will rise to 20.

The flag carrier will increase flight frequencies on domestic and short-haul international routes with these Dash-8 aircraft. Meanwhile, the carrier will be able to provide more advanced in-flight services to its passengers. aviation news bangladesh

The state-of-the-art new Dash 8Q-400 has a seat capacity of 74 and is built by the renowned Canadian aircraft manufacturer De Haviland. Equipped with eco-friendly and ultramodern facilities including HEPA filter technology which completely purifies the air inside the aircraft by destroying bacteria, viruses and other germs in just 4 minutes, the aircraft will provide a refreshing and safe journey to all the passengers onboard.

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