Coriander seed lands on planet Earth

Monitor Desk Report Date: 09 September, 2021 | 503 Views

Bangladesh's coriander seed, the aromatic culinary herb, has returned to the planet Earth after staying six months on the international space research centre through NASA.

The coriander seeds were taken first to the USA on a cargo plane via Japan in mid-October last year and on December 2 researchers started journey towards space with coriander seeds.

Mizanul Chowdhury, Chief of Connection Science of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA, said coriander seeds grown in Bangladesh was used for space research purposes for the first time. This is an ‘Extraordinary achievements made by Bangladesh in country’s history, he added.

The astronauts conducted research on the seeds. Apart from Bangladesh, coriander seeds also taken from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and UAE for space research.

Since independence, Bangladesh has made many extraordinary achievements in different sectors including social transformation, economic growth, and political stabilization. With such accomplishments, the country has become a role model to many others, said Dr Md Salimulla, director general of the National Institute of Biotechnology (NIB) while speaking at the press briefing.

Bangladesh's participation in the Asian Herbs in Space project on the International Space Station, a joint venture between the US space agency NASA and the Japanese space agency JAXA, undoubtedly has added a new dimension to NIB's ongoing research in NIB's laboratory, he added.

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