Dubai’s new record-breaking pool offers 'sunken city' in 60m deep

-    A Monitor Desk Report Date: 19 July, 2021 | 413 Views

Dhaka: Dubai has opened the world's deepest pool, offering new scuba divers and seasoned freed-divers an opportunity to descend 60-meter deep into a 'sunken city. Deep Dive Dubai is 10 meters deeper than the previous Guinness World Records title holder Blue Abyss located in Colchester, the UK.

The new underwater attraction also holds some 14 million liters of water — equivalent to six Olympic-sized pools. Deep Dive Dubai is shaped like an oyster and includes a dive shop, gift shop, an 80-seater restaurant due to open later this year, plus a variety of meeting and conference venues holding up to 100 persons.

Divers can explore the vertical diving pool on their own or with a guide. The 'sunken city' comes complete with a mock apartment, garage, arcade room with foosball and pool table, underwater chess, telephone booths, and bookshelves.

There are even dry chambers, one at six meters and the other at 21 meters. Some 165 pool lights lit up the pool, with 56 cameras capturing the dives from all angles.

A range of instructor-led underwater classes, workshops and guided aquatic experiences are available in a safe and controlled environment. Apart from filtration systems, the pool water is circulated every six hours and also UV treated.

Large underwater viewing galleries are available for visitors and diners who might not wish to venture into the deep.

The attraction is currently open by invitation only. But public entry is set to begin in late July. Prices will start at USD 218.

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