EIU report says: Dhaka 6th least safe city in the world

_A Monitor Report Date: 04 September, 2021 | 743 Views

Among the 60 cities featured in the Safe Cities Index 2021, Dhaka ranked 54th, climbing two notches up from the previous index.
Last year, it occupied the 4th position from the bottom.
The city "fared poorly on digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal security indicators", according to the report.
Dhaka's overall score in the 2021 index stood at 48.4 out of 100, up from the previous score of 44.6.
Copenhagen came out as the safest city, with 82.4 points and Toronto followed close behind with 82.2.
However, Asia-Pacific cities dominated the top 10, with Singapore (3rd), Sydney (4th), Tokyo (5th), Wellington (7th), Hong Kong and Melbourne (jointly 8th) bringing the region's total to six spots.

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