Emirates operates special A380 flight with fully vaccinated passengers and crew

- A Monitor Desk Report Date: 11 April, 2021 | 1325 Views

Dubai: Emirates’ special flight EK2021 made a journey across the different emirates on April 10, which carried a fully vaccinated crew and passengers onboard. The flight operated with Emirates’ newest A380 aircraft and with close to 400 fully vaccinated customers onboard was also supported by fully vaccinated teams on the ground and inflight.

The flight was operated to celebrate the UAE’s remarkable progress in vaccinating its citizens and residents from COVID-19 through a national vaccination programme that has administered close to 9 million vaccines doses to date. 

All proceeds for EK2021 have been donated to the Emirates Airline Foundation, the airline’s non-profit charity organisation which supports projects around the world aimed at improving the quality of life for disadvantaged children around the world.

On the ground, passengers checked in using the latest biometric technologies for a seamless journey across multiple touchpoints. As passengers disembarked, they were handed commemorative certificates for taking part in this initiative. 

All EK2021 passengers were provided rapid COVID-19 PCR tests, facilitated by Pure Health. Pure Health, the largest integrated healthcare solutions provider in the UAE, has facilitated the administration of up to 4 million PCR tests at Dubai Airports to date

The UAE currently has one of the world’s highest rate of vaccinations for its citizens and residents at 90.22 doses per 100 people. In parallel, the Emirates Group vaccination programme rolled out to its UAE-based workforce less than three months ago, and since then has delivered COVID-19 shots to over 35,000 Emirates employees across its vaccination centres.

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