Greece to reopen tourism on May 14 for all: concerned minister

- A Monitor Desk Report Date: 07 April, 2021 | 364 Views

Dhaka: Tourism Minister of Greece Haris Theocharis announced in Parliament on April 6 that country’s tourism will reopen on May 14 with complete safety folllowing the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the Greek plan has five lines of defense to receive foreign tourists without putting them or local residents in danger.

These lines of defense concern tourists’ vaccination or negative test certificates, the EVA random checking system at borders and airports, quarantine hotels for the isolation of any visitors with the virus, the vaccination of tourism professionals – which will start immediately after the most vulnerable citizens have been inoculated – and strict adherence to health protocols.

Theocharis went on to stress that the rules that apply to Greek citizens apply in their entirety, without exception, to visitors from abroad. “We make no discrimination,” he reiterated.

The minister also stressed that there is no such thing as a “Covid-free” island, as it is only procedural reasons that have led to the blanket vaccination of residents on smaller islands. “The whole country is safe,” the minister stated.

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