Immune non-Saudi arrivals to KSA must register before departure

- A Monitor Desk Report Date: 16 June, 2021 | 649 Views

Dhaka: Non-citizen passengers coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must complete registration of immunization data before departure from their respective countries, announced the kingdom’s civil aviation authority on June 15.

In a notice to all airlines operating in the Kingdom, the country’s civil aviation authority said, all airlines must ensure that all non-Saudi arrivals and their companions must complete filling out their immunization data in the “Vaccination Registration” website of Saudi Arabia ( before departure to the Kingdom.

Airlines can verify the successful completion of the registration process for passengers by one of the following methods:

- Presenting a successful registration message on the mobile phone.

- Printed certificate with the registration number.

- Verifying the registration using passport number through the website mentioned above.

These procedures are effective from June 16.

The authority further warned that failure to comply with the circulars issued is an explicit violation of government orders, and legal procedures will be initiated against the violator who will be held responsible for the violation.


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