Indian Railways launch new AC-3 tier Economy coach

Monitor Desk Report Date: 09 September, 2021 | 512 Views

Indian Railways on Monday launched its new AC-3 tier Economy coaches with 83 berths as compared to 72 berths offered before. The fare structure for this coach is 8 per cent lesser than the three-tier AC coach.

Indian Railways has always been committed to the convenient travel of its passengers by developing coaches with improved passenger-friendly features. The new entrant to this developmental journey of Indian Railways is the three-tier AC economy class coach. First time, the coach has been attached to Train No.02403 Prayagraj- Jaipur Express.

Soon, two more trains, New Delhi-Lucknow AC special and Lucknow Mail will be augmented with this new 3AC Economy coach, said a press statement from the Ministry of Railways.

Initially, 50 new Economy coaches manufactured by Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, are ready to offer services in Mail/Express trains over different zones.

Provision of entry into the coach and disabled-friendly toilet in a wheelchair has been made, which is a new initiative.

According to the statement, several design improvements have also been made for improving passenger comfort. Redesign of the AC ducting has been made by providing individual vents for all berths. The improved and modular designs of seats and berths have been made to improve comfort, reduce the weight of the coach and improve maintenance friendliness.

Improved passenger conveniences have been ensured in form of foldable snack tables in both longitudinal and transverse bays, injury-free spaces and holders for water bottles, mobile phones. Individual reading lights and USB charging points are provided for each berth. A new ergonomically improved design of ladder for accessing the middle and upper berths has been provided too. There is an increased headroom in the middle and upper berths.

The toilet area has improved the design of the Indian and Western-style lavatories. Public address and passenger information systems have also been installed as a part of passenger facilities in these coaches.

Ambience and ease of access into the coach have been improved by the aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic entrance. The interior of the coach has luminescent aisle markers, illuminated berth indicators integral with night lights with luminescent berth numbers.

There is also improved fire safety by ensuring compliance to the world benchmark of EN45545-2 HL3 for materials, thus meeting the high requirements of the new fire protection standard, read a press release.


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