Istanbul Airport rolls out rapid COVID-19 testing facility

-A Monitor Report Date: 17 February, 2021 | 967 Views

Istanbul: Istanbul Airport has rolled out a rapid COVID-19 testing facility. The PCR Testing Center inside the airport’s terminal has a daily testing capacity of 12,000 PCR tests with 1,500 PCR tests currently being performed per day  Alongside the PCR testing service, Istanbul Airport Test Center has also begun Antibody and Antigen testing service, serving passengers 24/7 with results turned around quickly at the center.

Passengers who wish to have Antibody and Antigen testing performed as part of the travel requirements of the countries they are traveling to, or for precautionary purposes, can benefit from these services prior to their flights at the airport.

Having a blood test, the Antibody test is used to determine whether a passenger has had the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection before, and the Antigen test, which is used to determine whether an individual still has the virus, all results can be obtained within a maximum of four hours at the Istanbul Airport Test Center.

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