Japan to allow 5000 entrants daily

Monitor Desk Report Date: 24 November, 2021 | 240 Views

Japan said on Saturday that it would begin easing its pandemic restrictions from Nov 26, allowing up to 5,000 people to enter the country each day compared with the current limit of 3,500.
Earlier, Japan looks to let foreigners visit the country for short business trips, study abroad and technical training in an easing of its strict coronavirus-related entry rules. Tourists were not included on the round.
The visitors were waiting for Japan to open their door for the travelers and last month they were expecting Japanese authorities to announce a relaxed policy for the foreigners to access Japan except tourists.
In reality, the relaxation did not really happen.  Japan kept extremely strict policy to cross into their country. A very few people could take the advantage of the same. Companies are disappointed and recently, the seven main Chambers of Commerce and Industries (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Europe) issued a statement urging Japan to simplify its procedure. 
Since November 8, 2021, travelers authorized to enter or re-enter Japan who have stayed in certain countries or regions in the 14 days preceding their arrival may, under certain conditions, benefit from a period of isolation reduced to 3 days, as an exception to the 10-day period for vaccinated persons and a 14-day period for non-vaccinated persons that remains the new norm.

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