National Zoo to get a new facelift

Monitor Desk Report Date: 24 November, 2021 | 240 Views

Bangladesh’s national Zoo in Dhaka, which has been bothering animal lovers with old-fashioned environment and common animals lying uncared for since long, is now getting facelift. 
Mentioned that, national zoo in the country still runs on the style it had in 1950, which is outdated in today’s world, according to its officials.
Sources said that the government has formulated a master plan that is expected to be finalised in December this year. The zoo's mega overhaul plan will be implemented in around six years at a cost of Tk 1,500 crore.   
According to the plan, the zoo will be divided into five zones. Bangladesh habitat zone for local animals, African habitat for African animals and another for domestic animals will be made.
An active zone will be there for children to play, while another zone will be dedicated for nocturnal animals.
Abdul Latif, director of the national zoo, said, "We will keep invisible or natural cages between animals and humans to build the zoo animal friendly. Visitors will have the feeling of watching them in natural habitats."
"The preparation of development work will start as soon as the master plan gets approved in December," he said.

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